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Balance Transfer Credit Cards – What Are They?

In short, balance transfer credit cards can be a great way to pay off your debt and save a ton of money. If you’re struggling to pay off your credit card debt, a 0% balance transfer credit card may be the answer to (some of) your prayers.  Balance Transfer Credit Card If this is the…
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Credit Cards – The Benefits

Ah… credit cards – often seen as an evil bit of plastic to many, yet everyone uses them. But how does this actually stack up? We either know someone who thinks (or even think ourselves) that credit cards are inherently bad and can only lead to debt. Moreover, there’s the belief that credit cards are…
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Why Everyone Needs An American Express Card – A Simple Guide

American Express is seen as the gold standard of all credit cards. Giving their customers a plethora of rewards, cash back and other top benefits is why they have been so popular for such a long time. After recently just being accepted for an Amex card myself, I will take you through why I think everyone…
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