With the current trend of dismal interest rates, finding the right savings account can be hard. That’s why we have dedicated hours and hours to finding the best offerings out there, for you. Most people these days won’t even know what their current savings account interest rate is – which means people are losing out on earning more money – for doing essentially nothing! Looking to make your savings work more for you? Find out how in the articles below.

Paying Off Debt With Savings – Is It Worth it?

Most people would prefer to keep savings or continue, to pay into savings, rather than service their own debt. I’m not talking about paying into an emergency fund, but actually having money in a normal savings accounts, earning little to no interest. This may be alongside paying a higher interest rate in debt than they’re…
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Emergency Fund – Why it’s Important?

An emergency fund is exactly what it says on the tin – it’s an EMERGENCY fund. For emergencies. It’s money you put away for a rainy day, whether that be in case your roof has literally collapsed, your car has decided to break down, or you have lost your job. It should not be touched…
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Savings: Making Your Spare Cash Work For You

With interest rates at an all time low in the UK, and some countries like Switzerland even having negative rates, it’s often hard to find a good high-yield savings account on the market. Most banks have slashed their rates down to around 0.1%, and saving has become much less lucrative than just over a decade…
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Lifetime ISA – Why You Need To Open One (UK)

The Low Down In short – The Lifetime ISA (LISA) allows you to save up to £4000 a year in which the government will match any deposit by adding an extra 25%. Therefore if you pay in the full £4000 deposit every tax year, the government will give you a cash bonus of £1000. The…
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