A Beginner’s Guide To…

A Beginner’s Guide To… Everything?

This is where you’ll find all your basic introductions to essential financial topics, as well as A-Z bite-sized manuals that’ll bring you up to speed. In part, these are designed to supplement our more general content, making our slightly out-of-reach content more accessible to everyone. We’ll be covering wider topics you’re bound to have come across in day-to-day life, whilst also including a few more in-depth features which will (hopefully) make you a tad more money-savvy.

Reader’s Submission:- What is Universal Basic Income?

*please note that any opinions expressed in this article may not reflect those of the* *3MoneyTalk team* In recent times, the idea of a ‘Universal Basic Income (UBI)’ being adopted throughout the world’s developed economies has gained traction, with prominent Democrat presidential nominee Andrew Yang being one of those to call for its implementation. But…
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A Beginners Guide to… Buying a House

Buying a house is often one of the largest and most stressful purchases you will ever make. Luckily for you, we have produced a guide to all the standout basics that will get you to signing that dotted line. We’ll start by outlining the buying process, and then go into further depth through the following…
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A Beginner’s Guide To… ISAs

This guide aims to get you clued up with the knowledge you need to start out in the world of saving. One of the best ways to save your money (usually) risk-free is to open what’s known as an ISA account. To do this, we’ll take you through step-by-step how they work- so let’s start…
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A Beginner’s Guide To… FinTech

What is Fintech? FinTech is a term that’s been smugly thrown around a lot over the last few years, as companies such as PayPal, Monzo, and Trading 212 have taken the online markets by storm with their alternative, ease-of-life offerings to traditional finance norms. In this guide we’ll unpick what FinTech actually is, what it…
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A Beginner’s Guide To… Credit Cards

So, in this quick guide, we’re going to cover Credit Cards – You’ve definitely come across them, and heard about all the different benefits, rewards, and advantages of being a card member. You’ve also probably heard of the downsides to misusing the credit you’re borrowing too. In this post we’re going to unpack the fundamentals…
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A Beginner’s Guide To… Interest

In the first of many guides here on 3MoneyTalk, we begin on a topic that will inevitably impact each and every one of us at some point in our financial lives; interest. In a nutshell, interest is the cost of borrowing money. However, this is a two way street. Interest affects virtually every aspect of…
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