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Reddit Stocks – The Great Short-Squeeze Story

Much has been written about the recent Reddit stocks short squeeze saga, an ongoing event that raises many fundamental questions about market practices, hedge funds, and the power of the[…]

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Gamestop share price (GME) doubled in price… Again?!

On the 24th of February 2021, the Gamestop share price had another flurry of investors piling in on an unconfirmed ‘short squeeze’. This is just weeks after Reddit’s wallstreetbets fuelled[…]

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GME - Gamestop stock price on a mobile phone.

Penny Stocks – What they are and how they can benefit you!

Penny stocks have been on trend again recently following the Gamestop drama, with many looking for the ‘next GME’. This has since caused a huge surge in memberships of penny[…]

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